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The Autism Friendly Training Program provides easy to understand information and guidance for your entire staff

The Autism Friendly Training program is offered by Monmouth Behavioral Therapy Group, Inc. - a leading provider BCBA supervised in-home ABA therapy and parent training in New York, New Jersey and Chicago since 2009. In addition, Monmouth Behavioral Therapy Group, Inc. probvides services to several school districs for BCBA supervion and after school therapy.

This program offers comprehensive online training segments your entire staff can access online anytime designed to increase awareness and safety. Register now to begin.

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The Autism-Friendly Training for Business is designed to educate and enlighten all staff members to identify the environmental and the social challenges that affect people living with autism.

With ongoing training, your business will become "Autism Friendly" as your staff accommodates and supports the sensory, communication, and social/emotional needs of individuals and familieswith ASD.

As autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the world today, it is imperative for your personell to understand the unique needs and challenges of those individuals

Training program content is designed for all staff members who may interact with your business' guests or customers. It is also appropriate for staff who prepare or handle food and beverages, as many ASD individuals are on restrictive diets due to food alergies.

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